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Student Union, Christ Followers, and Houses Activity Day

Updated: Jun 3

To promote cohesion and provide opportunities for diverse participation in activities, the Student Union, Christ Followers, and the four houses have successfully organized the "SU, CF, Houses Activity Day" on 3rd May. The event attracted representatives from students in F.1 to F.3.

The students participated in a Chinese traditional culture experience activity, where they had the opportunity to learn and experience traditional Chinese arts such as Kung Fu. These activities not only deepened the students' understanding of Chinese traditional culture but also fostered cooperation and communication among them. The Student Union, Christ Followers and the four houses also organized a variety of activities including talent performances, handicraft making, and team games. The students actively engaged in these activities, contributing to a cohesive learning environment. The barbecue activity provided a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, allowing students to relax and further facilitate communication and friendship among themselves.

The success of this event can be attributed to the collaborative efforts and preparations of the Student Union, Christ Followers, and the four houses, as well as the active participation of the attendees. The event provided students with a vibrant learning and communication platform, fostering an inclusive campus atmosphere.


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