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The 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass and Opening Ceremony of School Anniversary

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The coming of the Holy Spirit marked the 40th anniversary. Cardinal John Tong Hon held the Mass to invoke the guidance of Holy Spirit. In response, Principal Li read Chapter 5 from Galatian about the Fruit of the Spirit to ask the Spirit will instil virtues in students and make them decent people. Cardinal John Tong Hon later used the example of Pentecost to show how the coming of the Holy Spirit could fill us with courage and passion to succeed.

He then said that Hong Kong is where East meets West so students should take this opportunity to understand both western and Chinese cultures. Boosted by the Holy Spirit, students should demonstrate the virtues of the Spirit without retreat. God bless YCK2 and the anniversary. Because of the grace from God, YCK2 has fulfilled the God’s mission to preach the Gospel while nurturing students with whole-person education and faith. With a better school environment and the Five Core Values of Catholic Education as our core curriculum, YCK2 students will develop a positive life perspective. He blessed YCK2 to grow further while following the teaching of Jesus.

After the speech, the Long-Service Awards were given to dedicated staff and teachers who have worked in YCK2 for more than 25 years in recognition of their contributions. Principal LI then gave a speech to showcase the achievements of YCK2 from the NCS Chinese curriculum to STEAM. He also expressed his gratitude to the supervisors, principals and teachers over the past 40 years. He promised YCK will scale new heights with its innovation and practicality under the guidance of Spirit.

The celebration concluded with soul-searching, touching songs by our choir and outstanding drama performance about the assassination of Julius Caesar by our NCS students. Although the celebration has ended, another glorious 40 years for YCK2 is lying ahead and YCK2 will continue to shine through.

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