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The International Day of Peace

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The International Day of Peace is coming next Monday 21 Sep. The theme of this year is Shaping Peace Together.”  ​We hope to celebrate the day by spreading our compassion, kindness and hope to others in the face of the pandemic. 

Check out our new IG (yck2_interpassional_).  We are now inviting all students of our school or other schools to record a short video to celebrate the International Day of Peace and spread the message Shape Peace Together. Students can simply say something to bless others, sing a song or dance, or anything INTERESTING and CREATIVE. They are encouraged to hashtag and nominate their friends to do the same so to keep the momentum.

Videos should be submitted to (Miss TSUI) or (Mr. James)

Student who receives MOST LIKE will get a BIG BIG prize. (We are thinking hard about what to give out!! gaming kit? cosmetic set? fancy headphones...?  You name it ^^)

Chosen videos by the teachers will also be announced and each of these students will also get a reward.

Deadline: 20 Sep (Sunday 11:59pm)


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