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The 32nd Sports Day

Date: 2015-10-08/09

The annual Sports Day was held on 8th and 9th October at Aberdeen Sports Ground. Everyone was excited as usual. After the marching performance by the uniform groups and the swearing of the Olympic Oath by the athlete representative, Mr. Li, our Principal gave the students a speech, which emphasized the importance of sports to teenagers and they should bring their potential into full play in the competitions.

During the races, athletes from the four Houses tried their best, in the hope of bringing glory to their houses. Spectators on the stalls cheered out loud to boost the morale of their house athletes. With enormous support from the spectators and the effort they paid in trainings, a record in 400m ‘A’ grade girl was broken by 5D Tsang Man Ki. Michael House got the Champion of all Houses and Leo House won the Cheering Competition.

We are particularly thankful to Aberdeen St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Precious Blood Primary School (South Horizon), St. Charles School, St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Precious Blood Primary School (Wah Fu), Pui Tak Canossian Primary School,  S.K.H. Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School, Catholic Mission School and Central & Western District St. Anthony's School for sending 14 teams to take part in our 4X100 invitational Relay competition. Their participations have made our Sports Day even more remarkable.

In the closing ceremony, members of the Dance Club together with the members of the four Houses gave an energetic dancing performance and it was well received by the audience. A speech was then given by Mr. Ho Chun Ip, Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Physical Ed). He expressed his appreciation for the hospitality he received when he arrived at the Sports Ground and students’ participation. He encouraged students to face adversities with self-improvement. Finally he asked students to exercise regularly and prompt their friends and family members to do the same for a stronger body and longevity. The 32nd Sports Day ended with cheers and a big round of applause. 


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