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Ying Tan, Jiang Xi Study Trip

From 20th October to 24th October, Principal Li took 16 students to Ying Tan, Jiang Xi, for a study trip. The focus of the trip was to explore traditional Taoist culture and to build up friendships with local students.

The whole trip was packed with several attractions with different characteristics.

One major focus of the trip was the Taoist temple, which is the origin of Taoist religion. In the temple, the statues of several important Taoist religion were there for people to worship. The solemn atmosphere made every one of us understand the influence of Taoist in the Chinese culture.

Apart from this religious place, students had other equally meaningful activities. While some places have exhibitions that shows the sacrifices of soldiers in revolutions, some other places have stunning natural beauty. We drifted along a long river on rafts and appreciated the hills of different shapes during the ride.

However, the most important part of the trip fell on the last day ------ a visit to a Ying Tan No.1 Secondary School. We had a hand-in-hand ceremony in which students of both schools exchanged gifts. After that, the local students taught our students how to write Chinese calligraphy. In particular, Keith, our non-Chinese student, was fascinated by this traditional art form.

Towards the end of the visit, both schools delivered some performances, including Shakespeare monologue, May Fourth Movement Drama and eventually a group singing session. All these programmes and activities have strengthened the bonds between students on both sides and all YCK2 students treasure the friendships with the local students.

Jiang Xi is a culturally-rich study trip with friendship and love. YCK2 students love their new friends and also the Chinese culture. It is hoped that such meaningful trips will be organized in the future.


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