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Integrated Learning Support in YCK2

YCK2 has long been promoting Life Education. Over the past 9 years, we have been dedicated to establishing an inclusive learning community by providing relevant facilities and services such as specialized room in the library and Braille lecture notes for the visually impaired. Students with no visual problems are appointed as “Sunshine Buddy” to help the visually impaired students.

Over the past five years, our school has included events for visually impaired students on sports day. As an advocator of Life Education, Principal Stephen Li Tai-fai believes that this effort could lead us to a more inclusive learning community.

“Letting visually impaired students learn and socialize with other students could cultivate a sense of mission in our students,” said the Principal. Ally Suen Pik Wing (5C), a visual impaired student has been studying in our school since Form 3. She said it did not take her long to get into the school life here. Cheung Pui Ki (5C), one of her fellow classmates, said she always encouraged her visually impaired classmates to notice the things around them. “Although they can’t see the world we see, there is a world much more colorful than ours inside them. Their perseverance is something we all should learn from”, said Pui Ki.

本校一直重視發展生命教育,在過去九年間,致力建立校內視障 生及健視生的共融學習。學校為視障生提供適當配套,如圖書館 設有視障生專用房間,作溫習、導修之用,並提供筆記、作業; 邀請健視學生擔任「陽光大使」,協助視障生融入校園。 為促進視障生身心健康及陪養學生關愛精神,五年前學校於陸運 會加設視障生賽事,讓健視生陪跑,並計劃發展視障與健視的長 跑項目,建立彼此的共融關係。李德輝校長認為,視障生與健視 學生一起學習,能發揮自助助人的精神。 中五視障生孫碧泳中三入讀本校,她表示同學間互相尊重,早已 投入校園生活。與孫碧泳同班的張佩琦則表示,與視障生相處 時,會鼓勵她們多留意周邊事物,自己從中也能學懂關愛及服務 他人。儘管視障生看不見色彩,但心靈色彩卻比任何人也要豐 富,他們的堅毅,也很值得同學學習。

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