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An interview with a former student of YCK2, Taimoor Khan

Mr. Taimoor Khan, a former student of our school, is currently studying Chinese Medicine at Hong Kong Baptist University. He was the first Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) student enrolled in such a program at a local university.

He joined our school in Form 3. As Chinese wasn't his first language, he felt uneasy with the new environment in the beginning. However, owing to the warm atmosphere of the school, he soon felt more comfortable with his new school life.

He recalled that on his first day at this school, students were curious about him due to his non-Chinese face. Later on, his classmates would like to gather around him at recess or lunchtime to talk to him and so he started making many new friends. It was his most unforgettable experience in this school.

When he was asked to use just one word to describe his impression of our school, he chose the word "warmth". He said that teachers and students of the school were willing to help people in need, which is very heartening for him.

When he was studying in YCK2, he found his interest in the field of Chinese Medicine. He came a long way to reach the entry requirements of the Chinese Medicine program. Speaking of how he felt about his studies, he said Chinese Medicine had chosen him, but not the other way round.

He advised Non-Chinese Speaking students who want to study in local mainstream secondary schools to learn Chinese by reading Chinese newspapers and talking to teachers and schoolmates in Chinese. “If you want to learn a language, you need the courage to learn and speak the language,” said Taimoor Khan.

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