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Outward Bound -- Teen Explorers

Twelve of our student leaders, who joined a 5-day Outward Bound course from December 2 to 6, 2015, received an international recognized certificate after successfully fulfilling the course requirements. They wereCHUNG Cheuk Yin, HO Ting Shan, MAN Chung Ping, LIU Tin Ho, TO Hin Lun, SHEA Kam Tsung from F.5C and ULOLI, Audrey, TSANG, Man Kei, WONG Chun Kit, WONG Ho Yin, WONG Pui Kei and YUEN Wai Chung from F.5D. Upon completion of the course, our Student Leaders will become perseverant, energetic and confident young persons.

Outward Bound is the very first organization founded to motivate individual’s initiative, acceptance of responsibility and self-confidence. It is also the first and only experiential training organization in Asia that's officially accredited by the Association for Experiential Education. Each year, more than 250,000 people worldwide complete its Outward Bound course. Many were profoundly changed after joining the course. In the 5 day Outward Bound CourseI, our students were engaged in activities that developed self-confidence, independence, responsibility, as well as an appreciation of the needs of others and the world around them. They felt proud of their achievements and the new skills they have learned.

本校12位領袖學生於12月2日至6日成功完成五天外展訓練學校(Outward Bound)課程,滿全各項要求並獲頒發國際認可証書。參與同學為本校領袖生,當中包括:5C鍾焯然 5C何婷珊 5C閔仲坪 5C廖天豪 5D李諾曦 5D杜顯麟5D曾文祺 5D黃鎮杰 5D黃浩然 5D黃沛淇 5C佘錦淞 5D袁偉聰

外展訓練學校(Outward Bound)是全球首個旨在激發個人進取精神,責任心以及自信的專業培訓機構。它同時也是亞洲首個和唯一受到國際體驗式教育協會 (AEE) 正式認可的體驗式培訓機構。每年,全世界有超過25萬人完成外展訓練課程,大部分參加者因此獲得重大轉變。本校學生領袖接受外展訓練課程後,將能見證一個充滿鬥志,煥發精力與自信的年青人。

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