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2024 /2025 收生資訊




Submit the application to our school during the period of 2nd January 2024 Tuesday ) to 16th January 2024 Tuesday ). 申請及遞交表格日期必須為2024 年1 月2 日 星期二 至2024 年1 月1 6 日 星期二 。


Please submit the form in person. All applicants will be granted an interview which will be notified by phone and mail. 請親臨本校遞交報名表,所有申請者均獲面試,面試日期將會透過電話及郵寄通知。


Admission criteria and weightings 取錄準則及比重

(1) Academic 學業 3 0%

(2) Conduct 操行 30%

(3) Extra curricular Activities 課外活動 1 5 %

(4) Interview 面試 25


All applicants must be the students attending Primary 6 for the year of 2024-25. 申請本校中一自行分配學位者,必須為應屆參加中學派位之小學六年級學生。


Parents will receive notifications of successful application by 27th March, 2024 if their children are included in the Successful Lists for Discretionary Places. 本校將於2024 年3 月27 日通知正取學生家長其子女獲學校納入其自行分配學位正取學生名單。


EDB will release the DP and CA results on 9th July 2024 經本校取錄者於2024 年7 月9 日教育局公布自行分配學位及統一派位結果。


Please attach copies of P 5 & P 6 school reports, a recent photo and two reply envelopes. 申請人必須附上原校小五上、下學期成績表副本,相片一張及兩個回郵信封。


Copies of certificates of awards or records for extra curricular activities and community services can be attached as well. 如有獎狀或其他證書,可一併交回副本。


Remarks:  A photocopy of the recent school academic report should be submitted together with the application form.  It is necessary to show the original school academic report during the interview for verification. All personal data collected will solely be utilized for application purposes, and it shall be destroyed after the completion of procedures. ​備註:遞交表格時須附近期學校成績表影印本,正本必須於面試時交本校核對。所有收集之個人資料只用作是次申請用途,所有程序完結後,資料將被銷毁。



我們的願景 Our Vision

我們秉承天主教辦學的原則,在愛與關懷的環境下,為本地及非華語的學生提供優質及全人的天主教教育,邁向國際,讓學生躋身高尚學府,成就未來領袖。   Adhering to the principles of running a Catholic school, we provide high-quality and holistic Catholic education to local and non-Chinese speaking students in an environment of love and care, and move towards an internationalized curriculum to let students enter noble institutions and become future leaders.


學生可按多元的能力及需要,分流參與國際及本地考試:IGCSE、GSE、IELTS、HKDSE,成就入讀高等學府的理想。 Students can participate in IGCSE, GSE, IELTS or HKDSE examinations according to their diverse abilities and needs.

非華語教育課程  Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS)  Curriculum


Students Achievement

學界籃球比賽-港島區第二組別 -男子甲組  冠軍

HKSSRC Inter-School Basketball Competition  Hong Kong Island Division Two (Boys) Grade A Champion


HKT VR For All Project Most Innovative Story Spheres Champion

第二十屆香港中學彈網錦標賽 冠軍

香港學生科學比賽 -科學海報組 一等獎

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2019 Scientific Wallchart Division First Prize

跑去你屋企-跑動Teen 賦 (探訪獨居老人服務) “Running Talent ”Volunteer Service (Helping the elderly living alone)


YCK2 10 Special Rooms

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