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Congratulations to YCK2 English Debate Team

Out of a clear sky, YCK2 built a mesmerizing team, which went on to triumph in the Hong Kong secondary Schools Debating Competition in 21/22.

The junior team (1B Lanica, 2B Eldrik & Kasie) the first school representatives from YCK2 to seize the crown in the Grand Finals whereas our senior team (5B Nigel, Marc & David) with a stand-out performance placed the Second in its category.

The victory is invigorating and heartening. Such glorious achievement relied on the support of our principal, Mr. Li Tak-fai Stephen. It was absolutely staunch and unyielding!




為拉近學生與週邊城市學生的距離,並增進學生對粵港澳大灣區未來發展的了解,粵港澳大灣區數學奧林匹克香港和澳門地區舉行了一場奧數比賽。我校14名學生參加了2023年12月17日在鮮魚貿易學校舉行的比賽,其中8人獲得三等獎。 第二輪比賽將於一月下旬舉行。


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