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SPCA Wishing Tree & Donation Box 愛護動物許願樹及捐款活動

Our students were delighted to attend a workshop hosted by SPCA and The Association of Industries and Commerce of HK Southern District. The workshop aimed to develop students' compassion and empathy, as well as spread the message of love and care through a sharing of true stories of abandoned animals and students' collaboration in making a wishing tree.

A donation box has been placed at the office reception until 30 of April 2021 to support this good cause. We are thankful that our principal and the IMC support the work of the SPCA. Let’s hope that we can all give a hand to serve our community and uphold the core values of our Catholic Education.





為拉近學生與週邊城市學生的距離,並增進學生對粵港澳大灣區未來發展的了解,粵港澳大灣區數學奧林匹克香港和澳門地區舉行了一場奧數比賽。我校14名學生參加了2023年12月17日在鮮魚貿易學校舉行的比賽,其中8人獲得三等獎。 第二輪比賽將於一月下旬舉行。


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